Nate’s Blog

After my first glimpse of Nate’s blog, I was very impressed on how organized everything was. Instead of scrolling and scrolling for a time just to find more blog posts, it was all in little boxes you could click on to get around the blog in a much faster manner. I have used this as well and have found it to be much easier. I also have a lack of pictures in my blog which puts me at a major disadvantage from organization. Unlike me, Nate uses pictures in almost all of his post which makes his blog a lot more fun to read than most. It helps with the organization of the blog as well. One of the things however I found confusing in his blog was the fact that I can not follow the link into his new blog. It just puts me at a page where there is no access. Although I can still read his past posts. The post are can read are very spectacular. Like I said about the previous person, the paragraphs are really friendly compared to a very long paragraph. After reading a few posts it became clear that not much of them were his thoughts. I could just be his understanding of the homework, but it was weird to me because I never really did that in my posts. He for the most part recited what the author said and then rarely put what he thought what that meant. Another point of his blog that bothered me was how short the posts really were. It was like after a couple minutes of reading it was over and I did not learn anything. Overall however I did like the blog because of how it was so well organized and intriguing it really was.


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