PLOS Blogs

When looking for more blogs to research and study, it took a very long time compared to the others. It seems as though that there are not as many ones, or big ones that I thought there was going to be. This blog happens to be somewhat of a last resort because I have to find one to talk about. Anyways it is not as bad as I thought it was going to be and here is why. Even though the paragraphs are abnormally long and looking at it from a little ways can be pretty intimidating, there are full of efficient and useful information. Stuff like recent ancestors of ours are being discovered almost weekly and other things like DNA uncovered as well. All these things I can use and will do well with what I have to teach the class with. If I had to make the blog more appealing it would be an easy task. First of all I would definitely put more pictures in their blogs because the lack of them makes it hard to navigate through it all. Even with pictures the blog itself still might look lame because there is not really any color to it. No background or anything, so when I first saw this blog I pretty much just skipped right over it because of the fact that there did not look like there was much time spent on it. What I do love about this blog however is that it is small and simple. It says in the beginning exactly what it is going to talk about. Best of all it does that exact thing and goes on about the top discoveries made in evolution in the year 2017. Overall even though this blog was not one of the top ones I wanted to do, it was not terrible. It was short and did its job, but could have been easily made better.



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