Evolution is the theory of where humans came from. At least part of that thought. It says that we humans have evolved from a primate from earlier on in history. Evolution is when a species is having trouble surviving with the environment, so it becomes better at surviving over time. This seem like a magical procedure but is actually quite real. We see it everyday around us. Dogs, cats and many other animals are  really good examples of this happening. This process takes a very long time but that time can be reduced when other forces are applied. When the reproduction of an organism happens, the DNA reproduced will often have mutations or accidents in it. These mutations can be harmful, but in lucky cases can be very beneficial. If a predator was born with a mutation that gave it sharper teeth, then that predator would be able to eat faster and live better than the others. Therefore it will then more likely pass those genes onto its offspring. As time goes on there will be more and more of this predator and the other predators in the location will die out because there competition is better than them. Like I said before this process will take a very long time unless something like a human has to do something with it. We have domesticated many animals since our time started. An example would be a dog, the more cute a dog is is the more likely that dog will be taken in instead of a dog that is not. The reason our kind has become to accept this theory over the others is because this theory is based of facts, not from stories. We can reproduce this evolution because it is a real thing. We cannot reproduce any other thoughts on how humans came to be.


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