Evolution Conclusion

After everything I have talked about it must be a lot to take in. so now we are going to kinda bring it down a little and look at everything from a little farther away. When you look at evolution and what it has become, you will see that it is changing everyday. The reason for this is not because it is not real, but because of the fact that there is new evidence being uncovered all the time. Many skeptics look at the changing in the Evolution Theory and think it is wrong because of that fact. This is not true however because the theory of evolution is based on facts. It is the evidence we find in our own world that points us in this direction. It is a marvelous thing in fact. If we conclude that something else made us and the universe, then that cuts off the ambition to go discover what is actually there. In the past when the church ruled, it was punishable by death to question anything the bible said. So for hundreds of years people did little about this and because of that do you know how many discoveries we had? Very very little. Nowadays we have thousands of discoveries a year. I am so glad that this is not the case anymore because it allows me and anyone else with ambition to go out and discover the world on their own. This is why we have a science classroom. There is reason we do not include anything from religious ideas and it’s not because science is its own religion. It is the fact that there is absolutely no evidence towards the fact. Once of the biggest questions humanity has had since it first was complex enough to ask questions was where did we come from. Evolution is the first step to reaching that Ultimate goal and discovering what the past really was.


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