Theories of Evolution


Besides the most well known and thought of where humans came from, the second idea is also a very popular one. This idea comes straight from the bible. According the bible everything there ever was and is was made in 6 consecutive days. The seventh day god rested. It is then that every human has come from the two humans god made, Adam and Eve. At this time, Adam and Eve lived to be hundreds of years old along with the following generations for a while. The reason we live so much shorter lives now days is because god thought that living so long was wrong. Also according to genesis, humans were created in god perfect image. Some people on the other hand find this very troubling to believe however because we have numerous useless things on our body. An example of this would be a tailbone. When human kind messed up too much, god created the world flood, but asked Noah to build the biggest ship that has ever been created and put two of every kind on that ship to preserve the life. Noah did this and after a year the water receded. Although there somehow was not any evidence of it happening. Vegetation remains somehow living in salt water through 365 days. That is something that cannot be done nowadays. They say that the great Grand Canyon is evidence to support the world flood. Yet i’m sure there would many more huge canyons then just one. The bible has been thought to be a history book, but after every discovery disproving it, it has become a book of interpretation.


The Theory of Evolution and Genesis, and the most thought reason for being here on earth. They both could be wrong. One could be right. One uses evidence rather than miracles.


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