Domestication of The Dog

Evolution happens all around us in many fascination ways. One one these many ways was the dog. How did the dog come to be? You might not believe me right now, but in reality the dog domesticated itself from a wolf with our help. We humans like to say that we did it, but that is not the case this time.

When the human race was still very young, we hunted in groups. It made life easier this way because being together meant you could do much more than if you were on your own. At this time we were amazing hunters and we competes with other predators for the food we got. Although unlike the other predators, we did not need or eat absolutely all of the food we got. We would leave carcasses behind still with bone marrow and other stuff as well. Well the dogs figured this out. Why hunt for the food we eat when you can just hang out these humans and eat for free. Even though this was the case, wolves were still very aggressive and knew not to get to close to these humans. This was due to a stress hormone in their body. This is where evolution and natural selection kicks in. when a wolf was born with a mutation that lowered his stress hormones then he would be more comfortable getting closer to humans. Therefore if he showed kindness and curiosity more than the others than the humans would more likely give that wolf a little more meat. That wolf would live better this way and produce offspring of its own and they would most likely be the same exact way as there wolf mother was. Continuing this process over hundreds of years eventually the human and the wolf will grow a bond and that is exactly what they did. As wolves became more friendlier then the humans let them into their lives. Together they became an unstoppable dynamic duo that dominated the world. They had now intelligence, speed, and many other things as well. The wolf had found a way to live forever with no need to worry about becoming extinct.


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