Time for Paws Blog

Time for Paws Blog, one of the most if not the best blog I have ever looked at. The simplicity to it made it this way. Just from square one I was already liking it before I even clicked the URL. I was looking for a blog that had to do with the domestication of the dog. So I looked up “dog evolution Blog”, and would you not know it, it came up second. So obviously I started to read. First thing that pops up is the story I was looking for. Theories on how the domestication of the dog came to be. The best part was all I had to do was scroll. In other blogs that I have looked at recently, they have been a big puzzle for the most part to find exactly what you are looking for. With A nice friendly theme to go alone with it too. This blog, just like a couple of the other blogs I have read, had very good paragraph size in it, and that was one of the comments I did on previous ones as well. This is to me a key ingredient to keep viewers interested in what you have to offer. Another wonderful thing about the blog was the lack of ads… everywhere. Ads are everywhere in the world and are very annoying, I am glad to see that some things are not this way. Before each paragraph starts, there is a headline about what that paragraph will be about. Many blogs do this but trail off periodically when they do. This blog however did not do this and that was a good thing to see. This page as well doing all those other things gave a chance for you to comment about what you read, therefore you could help them improve and so forth. I think the blog is a very useful tool when it comes to the knowledge of the domestication of the dog, and I highly suggest that if you are interested in this topic then you should look for this page.