Wolves and Dogs

Why do dogs not look like present day wolves? Well this is because of natural selection. When we started to incorporate wolves into our lives, cuteness became a factor. The more cute and cuddly you were, meant you were going to more wanted to be kept around. Dogs did not need to be so big to hunt anymore so they lost their big size, they ended up getting smaller. As well as their brains. They did not need to know how to hunt in a pack and do all the other things that they did before for survival. They relied on the humans now. This is why we have so many breeds of dogs around today. They were the first animal to be domesticated and they were domesticated and selected in every way possible. We breed them to make the perfect dogs in our eyes.

To prove this statement we did the same process to foxes. This is a inhumane thing to do however. In Germany, they were trying to domesticate foxes. They put them in cages by the hundreds. Just like the wolves who were rewarded by friendliness, so were the foxes. They would stick gloves into the cages and the foxes that attacked the gloves were automatically disqualified. The foxes that were the most kind to the gloves were then put in cages together to reproduce. Over the course of a hundred or so years, the foxes that were still around were friendly to humans just like the dogs were. This shows that this is possible for probably most animal. It also proves that the theory of how the dog was domesticated is in fact a logical one. We have domesticated many animals to help us with our progression of the human race. Birds that can fly and deliver messages, cats to do something. I don’t really know what their purpose is. We humans have found a way to turn the animal kingdom into our own backyard.


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